A message from our Patron

Simon Weston

Simon Weston CBE

“I am delighted to become Patron of Allied Services Trust.  The work that they undertake to support all of us in our lives is fantastic, in particular those preparing for later life and care, and including those at risk in the Armed Forces and in Public Service.  I am proud to be involved with such a forward thinking and proactive organisation.  Lasting Powers of Attorney are so important.

Many people don’t know what a Lasting Power of Attorney is, and don’t have the confidence to make one themselves.  Using a professional that will charge market rate does not help those who can’t afford or can’t justify the expense.  Allied Services Trust exists to help fill that gap supporting people in an easy and understandable manner.  Their skilled and legally trained staff are there to help every step of the way. Allied Services Trust is a charity that is very much needed and has helped so many.

It’s much better to be prepared than to get caught out and incur significant legal costs, and the chances of needing help at various times in our lives is increasing.  It is a horrible thought but most of us will have a life changing event at some point be that through injury, stroke, dementia, degenerative disease etc which can result in incapacity be that temporary or permanent.    Allied Services Trust can help us to easily gain access to the law and prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney ensuring personal wishes will be carried out when we are incapacitated and unable to make decisions for ourselves.”

A message from our Founder


Deborah Clarke

“I am so proud of Allied Services Trust. Having worked within the commercial legal sector, I have seen first-hand the extensive lack of knowledge and understanding regarding the need to prepare for mental incapacity together with witnessing the financial burden and resulting consequences due to lack of correct preparation.  The need to provide a service that engages with people providing an alternative to the traditional forms of access to the law has been paramount in the development of this organisation.

Allied Services Trust is unbiased and independent, the organisation receives no Government funding. To have a business structure holding charitable status that is scalable, replicable,  whilst becoming self-sustaining is essential in the economic climate.  Provision and preparation for possible mental incapacity, and for times when we may not be able to make decisions for ourselves will help restricted financial budgets and support personal well being for everyone.  This will appear all to clearly as the population ages, and need for support increases.

Recognition of our work is increasing in relevant agencies.  We welcome partnerships to develop services for the benefit of those who require support.  My grateful thanks go to all those who have helped Allied Services Trust to date.”