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Call on 01590 644073


Allied Services Trust was founded by Deborah Pardoe in February 2012 having seen many people not being able to afford solicitors fees but needing help in relation to the preparation of Lasting Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection applications.

Deborah recognised that there was a better way of providing support, purely by changing the business structure from which services are delivered.

The ability to operate as a company limited by guarantee means that the directors do not receive dividends, there are no shareholders to receive profits, and any excess funds received, remain in the business to support development, growth and the organisations charitable objects.

Further by holding charitable status, having been registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales, the organisation offers financial reductions to those in greatest need, ensuring that the Mental Capacity Act 2005 is accessible and affordable.

Allied Services Trust obtained Trust Corporation status in 2013 having been appointed by the Lord Chancellor.  This means that when asked to act as an attorney or Court appointed deputy for property and financial affairs the organisation is appointed rather than an individual working for the organisation.  This provides continuity of service for clients.  

Holding the Trading Standards ‘Buy with Confidence’ accreditation and being a member of COBSEO provides recognition of the benchmark level of service that is delivered by Allied Services Trust.  The organisation is constantly looking for ways to improve its services to support the ever growing client base, working with The Office of the Public Guardian and the Court of Protection.