Why Allied Services Trust is needed

Lack of awareness and education
There is significant lack of awareness and education amongst the UK adult population regarding the need to prepare for mental incapacity.  This in turn is resulting in lack of engagement and preventative preparation. The majority have not prepared a valid document.  We deliver unbiased education to raise awareness.

The financial burden
Due to the lack of prevention by individuals for possible mental incapacity, a financial burden is increasingly being placed upon those who suffer mental incapacity, their families, charities, Local Authorities, and Government Departments.  The resulting costs of retrospection action and support   could be avoided and  will become increasingly unsustainable if left unchecked.  We assist sustainability by supporting preventative measures.

It is estimated that 18% of the adult population, particularly the aged are without IT facility to make a Lasting Power of Attorney online (figures from Office of the Public Guardian).  Our service is accessible and supports those without IT facility.

Assisted and affordable help in preparing for mental incapacity
Hundreds of thousands of the adult UK population do not have the confidence to make a Lasting Power of Attorney themselves.  For many more they are unable to afford or are unwilling to instruct a professional and pay the commercial rates charged to prepare this vital document.  We are dedicated to assist people to prepare in an affordable way.

Affordable and sustainable administration support
Increasing numbers of people needing professional help acting as either Attorney  under a Lasting Power of Attorney, or as a Deputy appointed by the Court of Protection England and Wales  cannot afford to pay the on-going administration costs charged by the commercial sector. We are empowered to act as a professional Attorney or Deputy.  Our business structure enables us to charge on a not for profit basis reducing administration costs and increasing individuals’ self-sustainability.

Research and development (R&D)
We share our knowledge and experience by participating in consultations with Government Departments including the Office of the Public Guardian, the Court of Protection, and the House of Lords (England and Wales). We work with all sectors  to  develop a cohesive and positive service delivery to support and benefit the UK population.

Our belief
We are guided by the statement that “the law is for the people and the people are not for the law” we believe this statement should not just apply to the creation, development and application of the law but also to the provision, delivery, accessibility and affordability of the law.