Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Is to improve your choice and understanding in preparation for possible incapacity.  We empower you to have greater control over how your affairs would be managed in the event that you choose not to make decisions, or lose mental capacity to make decisions for yourself.

Our Mission

We will help enable and empower you to prepare for lack of capacity
Our legally trained staff will assist you to create and register a legally binding document that is tailored to your individual requirements and instructions.

We will deliver support tailored to your individual requirements and needs at times of vulnerability
If you have no Next of Kin, trusted family member or friend to appoint as an Attorney, Allied Services Trust is able to act as your Attorney in England and Wales. We are also able to act as Court Appointed Deputy England and Wales for those who have not prepared in advance of mental incapacity and require support.

We will provide our service in a simple, accessible, charitable and affordable way
We offer simple and accessible support to assist those who do not have the confidence or the technical facility to prepare themselves. Our support also helps those who do not have the funds to pay a commercial entity. All our services are delivered on a not for profit basis for those who do not meet our charitable criteria.