Your options to prepare an Enduring Power of Attorney in the Isle of Man

1: Do it yourself

Read the information provided by the Isle of Man Courts of Justice. Obtain the forms from the Isle of Man Courts of Justice and complete accordingly.

2: Allied Services Trust Charity

If you do not have the confidence or the facility to complete the form yourself and/or you do not have the funds to pay a commercial entity Allied Services Trust can assist.

3: Pay a Commercial entity

Instruct an Advocate or other provider to help you. Charges vary in the commercial sector for preparing the Enduring Power of Attorney. If your Attorney instructs a professional to register the Enduring Power of Attorney there will be an additional cost incurred for this work.

Be Aware: Registration Fee

At the point of registering your Enduring Power of Attorney a fee is payable to the Isle of Man Courts of Justice. The registration fee is your responsibility.

Important: Jurisdiction

If you hold assets in  or if you live or are likely to need treatment or care in England and Wales, you should consider preparing a Lasting Power of Attorney. Isle of Man Enduring Powers of Attorney are not recognised in England and Wales. Click here

Consider: Administration Fees

If you choose to appoint a professional Attorney from a commercial entity they will charge for the administration service that they provide. You should consider how you will pay your professional Attorney. If you need help for a long time costs will be your responsibility and can deplete your assets considerably.