H M Armed Forces

Defence Instruction and Notice (DIN)
We support Commanding Officers discharge their duty of care and chain of command responsibility as detailed in the Defence Instructions and Notices (DIN) Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Unbiased education
We provide a detailed, unbiased information and education package to raise awareness and support service personnel and their families.

Accessible mobile and remote support 
We have facility to deliver support directly to service personnel and their families at a Commanding Officer’s invitation*.

Support for multi jurisdiction Service Personnel
We recognise that many members of the Armed Forces originate from one jurisdiction whilst having need to prepare for incapacity in England and Wales. We have a working knowledge of multi jurisdiction preparation for incapacity to assist service personnel and their families.

Respecting service personnel and their families
We work to support service personnel to ensure that they are made aware of the need to prepare for  incapacity, to allow for an informed decision to be made.  We respect that creation and registration of a Lasting Power of Attorney is a matter of personal choice. We provide accessible and affordable support for those who choose to engage.

* subject to availability